Saturday, April 20, 2013

The First Spell

Merry Meet, Internet!

So I made this blog. I customized the background. I made the banner. I jazzed this little web-page up. Now what?
Oh, yeah. I need to actually post something.
I suppose I wanted this to be about my spiritual path. The thing is... I don't really know what that is. But then I realized that that's the point. I made this to discover the answer to that question with you guys. Maybe even help some of you also discover yourselves. Here in the Woodland I'll be bringing you with me on my adventure of knowledge and spirituality.

So let's start off with a basic, fun little spell that won't have any consequences if you f*** it up. Positive Affirmations.

  • First off, know that this is a fire spell. It's going to work very quickly, so be prepared for a sudden change.
  • Light a cream or white candle. This color will represent air, and will mellow this spell so that it's suitable for beginners.
  • Get a small scrap of paper and write something positive you'd like to happen.
  • Meditate while holding that paper in your hand. Visualize your life with that positive thing in play.
  • Burn that scrap of paper and visualize your message being sent up to the gods and goddesses, the universe, etc.
There you go! A quick, easy positive affirmation spell for beginners. Have a wonderful day.

Bright blessings!